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Posted 2 years ago



I’m a bit of a weather nut (love those Earth systems baby.) Here’s the current forecast for the convention weekend starting with Thursday since I know people get there early (All temps in Fahrenheit):


High 95degrees, low 82. Scattered thunderstorms, chance of rain 30%.
(Temperatures up but chance of rain the same as two days ago. Storms changed forecast from isolated to scattered.) 


High 94degrees, low 80. Isolated Thunderstorms, chance of rain 30%.
(Temperatures about the same but chance of rain down 30% from two days ago. Storms changed forecast from scattered to isolated.) 


High 94degrees, low 78. Partly cloudy, chance of rain 10%.
(Temperatures up slightly and chance of rain up from 0% as of two days ago)


High 92degrees, low 74.  Mostly cloudy, chance of rain 10%.

Posted 2 years ago


I didn’t even make four tiers like I had planned, just three, dear GOD. 2, 4, and 8 strips for each tier, Gathering is a BITCH. I love pleating, I’m going to pleat anything else this costume throws at me to gather, (pleating always looks nicer too.)

I bow down to my friend Pearl’s patience and dedication to her craft for making two of these bastards a few weeks ago. (She even added actual waistbands to hers! I just did a drawstring, ugh.) At least it works and will suffice for the purpose of hiding my hoops. I might end up added an eyelet trim to it, it’s still just as shirt as the crinoline, the outer skirt is DEFINITELY going to have to be longer. It works though and most importantly, it’s DONE.

I probably constructed this thing a lot more difficultly than it needed to be done, oh well. Fuck it.

ONE SKIRT DOWN! THREE TO GO!!! (and three bustles, two bodice pieces, two shawls, and a head covering.)

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 10.30am to get contacts but I’m hoping to get the green skirt done tomorrow and get started on the stripped skirt (Probably just cutting the stripes for tomorrow.)

Wednesday I hope to be well along with the striped skirt if not complete and I’m going to see “The Amazing Spider-Man” :D

I think that’s enough planning ahead for now. OTAKON HERE WE COME! (slowly, and after the 2.5 weeks we have left because I can’t deal with the nightmare I had last night where I had NOTHING of ANY of my cosplays done! ;; m;;) It was terrifying. I AM GOING TO DO THIS!!! (I really want to do the green skirt NOW but I need to catch up on tumblr and go to sleep.)

This will get done, I am Going to Do this! I WILL SUCCEED!!!!

Posted 2 years ago


I really need to work on my secret cosplay because I have the material for that and it really needs to just get done. Instead I’m sitting here in my crinoline for my fancy Ms.Paint thinking about construction techniques for my secret cosplay’s props.

FFFFFFFFFffffffffffffffffffffff- I have 27 days until Otakon. about four weeks exactly. I wanted to finish my secret one by the fourth, probably not going to happen… No. No, You know what? I said I’d get the outfit part of the costume completed by the fourth. Fuck it. I’m going to get it done. I’m so tired of not getting things done, I said I’d do it and I will.

If I can keep up with this exercise thing than I can fit a couple hours sewing into the day everyday. Screw excuses. It’s going to happen.