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Posted 2 years ago


I’m not even potentially going to this convention. Why the hell did  I just spend three hours trying to figure out what she’s wearing under her coat?

On the plus side the shirt is pretty fucking awesome in a simple way, I’d definitely wear it outside of cosplay. 

This coat though, just… how does this coat even work?! Ugh!

Sad face that if I do go Selina probably isn’t going to happen, she’ll probably be replaced with Arte Stella Nyo!England. More fabric but easier to make and probably cheaper, if that makes any sense at all.

Why am I even thinking about this? Just… augh.

shhh, secret cosplay is secret.

Posted 2 years ago


And here I thought these posts were going to end.

I want to go to Katsukon like dying now. I just saw BatmanTDKR for a second time and SO ANGRY. I’ve been able to piece together selina kyle’s evening dress more from behind the scenes shots than anything else, there is never ONCE a full shot of her in the dress, WTF! But oh my goodness, just, UGH! Can I have her wardrobe?! I know it’s all black but DAYUM. And yeah, totally motivation to shred some excess fat. I mean, I know she’s wearing shapewear but STILL. 

formal ball at Katsukon as Catwoman?! DO WANT.

still not saying I’m going though. Won’t decide probably until December.

Posted 2 years ago

Why? Why do I do this to myself?

Cosplay, oh cosplay, you temptress of such bittersweet seduction. 

So. If I go to Katsukon there’s a formal ball. I don’t actually have anything I could wear that would fit the dress code apart from Ms.Paint but I wouldn’t be wearing her because of pain reasons as well as other construction and improvements the costume needs… so I’ve been looking for something I could do that would be moderately easy and that I would look good in.

There’s 3am Jade Harley from Homestuck. I have the wig but omfg the beading on the dress looks a hell of a lot better if it’s done by hand and oh god no, not yet, no. -whimper-

So there’s Peggy Carter’s red dress from the first Captain America movie. It’s simple enough, would look amazing on my figure, and if I made it well enough I could wear it to other formal occasions beyond cosplay. I would have to style my hair for it though which is a draw back although not a major one. The only real thing stopping me from doing this one straight off is that while it’s perfect for what I’m looking for it doesn’t really fit the look or feel of the event since it’s a shorter almost cocktail sort of dress.

So I’m at a loss for what to do… and have been scouring the internet trying to think of something when it dawned on me. Selina Kyle has a gown she wears to the charity ball in TDKR. I don’t know what I’m going to do, I’m still looking for reference pictures of the full dress (which are hiding from me and being a right bitch) and then I have a little bit of construction and accessories research to do but omg guys. If I can do this? Just. Omg guys. I’m not saying I’m going to but how awesome would it be to do it?! :D

Posted 2 years ago


I’m hardly any closer tonight on my cosplay than I was yesterday night. Progress is going way to slowly on it for my liking but that’s mostly because EVERYTHING that could/can go wrong has. I have tomorrow. and so much to do it isn’t even funny. I’d pull an all nighter but my dad and sister have work tomorrow and I can’t sew now that my sister is going to sleep. (which is basically fine by me because I need sleep but omfg I wish this cosplay was just DONE already.

The bodice is a nightmare. I’m just going to cut it up the back and have it lace up, I’ll just have to have someone help me with THAT TOO.

I’ll finish that in the morning then take a break to figure out what I’m going to do for shoes, then I’ll do the white pieces, stitch up some loose ends, and then iron the crap out of the whole thing.

THEN. IF I HAVE TIME. I’ll make the bustles. Because honestly it’s not worth it.

(yes it is)

I still have to pack and do a Ms.Paint makeup test and clean all of my makeup brushes and… I want to cry.

Posted 2 years ago


Totally not finishing anything near the point I wanted to by tonight. stripes man. Stripes. They suck the soul out of you. Things of evil they are. I’ll finish the shawl and blue skirt tomorrow. If Nika still isn’t home by the time I finish that I’ll do the white peices and maybe start on the bustles. I’m saving the bows (more STRIPES) for later, same with the waist piece. Ms. Paint should be able to be finished in a day, two tops but I don’t have two days so I’ll just work at it when I can and slowly chip away at what else I have left to do.

Hawkeye mock up is going to be finished tomorrow as well as cutting the peices for the final. I’ll sew it on Sunday and will probably finish gluing the shoes in on monday and then do a supply run for her props. I can do props at night, I’m good at props, making props is usually a hell of a lot more quiet then a sewing machine.

So I have what? five days left? and what, like, 2.5 or 3 days worth of sewing so 2.5 days to make all of Hawkeye’s props.



-Three tier bustle thing (??)

-shawl (sat.)

-blue skirt thing (sat.)

-2 bows/ribbons (t)

-3 white contrast decorations (sat.)

-waist piece (t)


-complete mock up (sat.)

-top (s)

-lower arm sheath (s)

-booted pants (s)

-tailed over skirt wrap thing (s)

-battle staves and sheath (m)

-bow (m,t,w,th)

-arrows (w,th)

-quiver (m,t)

-belt with side pouch (w)

Alright. That SHOULD work. Tomorrow is going to be interesting. VERY interesting.

Otakon here we Come!

Posted 2 years ago


I’m going to sleep. Fuck this shit. I’m not going to be able to do the blue pieces of Ms.Paint until I get someone else to wear the freaking hoop skirt and all the layers and fucking hell. I wanted to get that shit DONE today, but NOOOoooOOOOOOooo. God dammit. I’ve been in a tense mood all day and this evening just sent it spiraling down into nastiness. (I’m really glad I restrained myself from posting a text post I wrote earlier.) 

Tomorrow I’ll get the pink striped parts done I guess. the two bows for the skirt and the shawl thing. Which I still have no idea how to construct. I’m not even going to try to figure it out, I’m just going to make it and see what happens. That’ll probably take all day because of the stripes. Fuck. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll be able to do the blue bits when my sister comes home. 

This weekend will be Hawkeye exclusively, I need to get her outfit freaking DONE. Shouldn’t be too hard to finish the sewing on the main part of her in two days if I’m diligent. 

So I’ll have four days to make the bodice for Ms.Paint, the bustles, and some sort of hat thing (Which I’m probably going to end up doing tomorrow for good or for bad.)

There’s also Hawkeye’s weapons, her bow and arrows and quiver. Her battle staves, she’s also got that belt and small side pouch. I’ll probably get the materials for Hawkeye’s props either this weekend or Monday, depends (probably both), I still haven’t decided how to make her bow.

Wood would be good but will probably get heavy after all day at the con. I’m thinking cardboard and papermache or maybe a dense insulation foam of some sort? The quiver is going to be cardboard because I’m boss with cardboard and that thing will be super easy to make. The arrows will be wooden dowels with some sort of fletching I haven’t figured out yet. The staves will be wither pvc or wood as well.

So her props are going to be INSANE to deal with making in three or four days but HEY! I made Spain’s giant battle axe in a couple of hours, painting and all, so I have confidence that I’ll be able to handle the props and have them look good. (The bow I’m starting on no later than Monday though because that this is going to be EVIL.)

Time to sleep! Tomorrow mom’s going to Target and I need to pick up some last minute makeup supplies and such in case I don’t get the chance to go back before leaving for Otakon.

Posted 2 years ago

Drowning in stripes for Ms.Paint. Hope it’s long enough because I am totally out of sherbet orange fabric except for the sliver I need for the shawl trim.

EDIT: I look weird because I’m all hunched over to try and get the pic and I took it on my webcam by clicking the button with my foot.

Posted 2 years ago

Sewing machines need to have speakers so it can give you a three beep notification when the bobbin thread runs out or the needle un-threads itself.

Posted 2 years ago



Oh my fucking gods.

11 days until Otakon. Fuck. FUCK.FUCKFUCKFUCK.

Time to get down and do nothing but sew because holy FUCK how am I going to finish any of this shit on time?!!?!

I have pretty much nothing done and am days behind on what I wanted to do because I’ve had to deal with my sister being stuck outside of the country trying to get back in since no one else apparently knows how to use the internet. 

At least I got a little bit of vacation money. 

I can still do this, I can still make this and pull this off. I’m going to go finish my gren skirt as soon as I finish off here.

Tomorrow I will start and finish the striped over skirt, and I will start on the blue bodice cutting the pieces and getting the basic construction for that. If I can make it out to walmart I’ll also get the trim I still need for it. This week I’ll focus on Ms.Paint, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I’ll finish Hawkeye’s outfit and next week I’ll do finishing touches on Hawkeye, do all her props last minute because I’m a BAMF and props are my thing, and do tie up any loose ends on Ms. Paint.

This can work. I can and WILL do this. Yes. Who needs to eat?! Well, my sewing machine is calling me, see you all tomorrow for updates!

Posted 2 years ago


I didn’t even make four tiers like I had planned, just three, dear GOD. 2, 4, and 8 strips for each tier, Gathering is a BITCH. I love pleating, I’m going to pleat anything else this costume throws at me to gather, (pleating always looks nicer too.)

I bow down to my friend Pearl’s patience and dedication to her craft for making two of these bastards a few weeks ago. (She even added actual waistbands to hers! I just did a drawstring, ugh.) At least it works and will suffice for the purpose of hiding my hoops. I might end up added an eyelet trim to it, it’s still just as shirt as the crinoline, the outer skirt is DEFINITELY going to have to be longer. It works though and most importantly, it’s DONE.

I probably constructed this thing a lot more difficultly than it needed to be done, oh well. Fuck it.

ONE SKIRT DOWN! THREE TO GO!!! (and three bustles, two bodice pieces, two shawls, and a head covering.)

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 10.30am to get contacts but I’m hoping to get the green skirt done tomorrow and get started on the stripped skirt (Probably just cutting the stripes for tomorrow.)

Wednesday I hope to be well along with the striped skirt if not complete and I’m going to see “The Amazing Spider-Man” :D

I think that’s enough planning ahead for now. OTAKON HERE WE COME! (slowly, and after the 2.5 weeks we have left because I can’t deal with the nightmare I had last night where I had NOTHING of ANY of my cosplays done! ;; m;;) It was terrifying. I AM GOING TO DO THIS!!! (I really want to do the green skirt NOW but I need to catch up on tumblr and go to sleep.)

This will get done, I am Going to Do this! I WILL SUCCEED!!!!